Warning! Casio WK-200 Don’t Buy Until You Read This

Published: 29th March 2011
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If you think this is just another low quality plasticy digital keyboard from Casio, you will be in for a surprise. Casio has done quite a few outstanding enhancements and added in various certainly impressive features to Casio WK-200.

Casio WK-200 has 76 piano style touch sensitive keys, so it is in between the light-weight keys in 100 % synthesizer and the weighted keys in piano. This is a nice bridge if you have to transition between keyboard and piano or synthesizer and keyboard. Casio WK-200 is sold with Casio Step Up Lesson system, lesson workbook and large LCD display that graphically displays fingering and notes, which are handy for starters. Not only are these resources perfect for learners to practice on, they in addition make learning to play the piano on your own feasible.

The more experienced players have got a raft of functions to try out and entertain themselves with, like a recorder for composing and play, keyboard setup for instant recall, auto harmonize, arpeggiator, reverbs plus chorus digital effects, together with USB port for MIDI and MP3/Audio connection.

It has to be noted that the integrated speakers are very good, with strong bass effect and crisp, clear highs. The keyboard is light weight and thus transportable enough to move it around. The keys are not weighted like in piano, but it is full piano style and is touch sensitive, hence cross over between this keyboard and piano is straightforward.

The main downside is that the keyboard does not come with AC adapter, so you need to buy it on its own. Alternatively, this keyboard can be battery operated.

These are all of the features that you will see on Casio WK-200

• 76-Key piano style touch sensitive keyboard

• 180 rhythms and reverb plus chorus digital effects

• 152 built in songs and 10 user songs

• Auto Harmonize adds appropriate harmony notes to your melody automatically

• Arpeggiator simplifies arpeggio play

• Storage of keyboard setups for instant recall when you need them

• One Touch Presets sets up the keyboard to match the currently selected rhythm

• Casio Step Up Lesson System

• Large LCD screen that graphically shows you fingering and notes

• Recorder for composing and play using up to 6 tracks of different instruments

• Mic input, 10 seconds sampling

• USB port for MIDI and MP3/Audio connection

Who Will Need Casio WK-200?

Casio WK-200 has many engaging exercises that increase your visual understanding of the keyboard layout. At the same time, Casio WK-200 features methodized learning with the ability to track one's progress. The recording ability also allow you to play back your performance. Casio WK-200 has clearly mark its position amongst students.

With 76 keys, it also means that Casio WK-200 has the capacity to play a wider range of music, which is very much desired by intermediate players. Intermediate players can fully maximise the more state-of-the-art features like reverb and chorus digital effects, integrated sounds, recordability, computer connectivity and MP3/Audio connection and derive extra contentment in creating and experimenting with music.

Essentially, Casio WK-200 allow the players to grow their skills. With such unmatched resourceful opportunities, this keyboard is perfect for home/project studio use, open mic performance in addition to education/classroom applications.

Let’s check out feedback from present owner of this keyboard


The piano sounds are beautiful, brimming with character and really credible. A lot of the Rhodes and Clavinet voices are equally good. The chromatic percussion sets are good as well, full of very musical timbres. The rhythms and drums sounds also deserve to be complemented.

Casio has certainly come up to speed in the keyboard industry. It is worthwhile buying a Casio now.

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