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Published: 04th May 2011
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Samsung HT-C555 is a home cinema system that put as much emphasis on sound quality as on image definition. It utilizes its own exclusive, trademarked, high-performance Crystal Amp Pro technology to bring about a world of amazing sonic clarity, re-creating an authentic cinematic experience in your own home.

You can be certain of the best viewer experience with Samsung HT-C555 Auto Calibration. Not only does this calibrate the system for ideal audio setting in relation to your room layout, it can calibrate it for where your seating position in the room willl be.

The multi codec functionality means that this home theatre system can play video, pictures and sound of a variety of different formats. This includes DIVX, WMN, WMV, JPEG and MP3. It even comes with video upscaling function that instantly upgrades the resolution of standard films and DVDs to 1080p HD, enhancing viewer experience.

Take your TV and gaming experience up a few levels too. Hook up your SKY or Virgin box and XBOX or PS3 to fully maximise the benefit of immersive surround sound entertainment. You will never be short of sonic clarity and deep bass anymore.

Staying connected is efffortless with Samsung HT-C555. With the iPod/iPhone cradle included, it is so easy to share videos, pictures and MP3 with your friends.

The 4 Tall Boy speakers are stylish and will give your room a sleek and modern character. Some setup is required for these speakers and will not take more than 30 minutes. On the whole, this system is very easy to set up.

Check out all of Samsung HT-C555 features

ē 5.1 channel

ē DVD player / AV receiver, speaker system

ē Surround sound

ē Dolby Pro Logic II, Dolby Digital, DTS decoder

ē 4 x satellite speaker

ē Upscale to 1080p HD

ē Auto sound calibration

ē Wireless rear ready

ē CD ripping

ē USB host function

ē Compressed music enhancer

ē iPod dock

Letís see what a current owner of Samsung HT-C555 says about this home cinema system


This system is compatible with my LG TV. I have the system linked to both my PS3 and my Xbox360 Slim by an optical audio cable (using an optical splitter).

The sound quality is just amazing, for gaming as well as watching DVDs or Blu Rays. I have used it whilst watching "The Pacific" and also whilst playing "Dead Space 2". I found that the system was always loud enough and was always crisp and clear and definitely create the immersive experience.

It was a no brainer to set up the system and you really cannot go wrong with the colour coded cables.

It will be better if it had more than 1 optical input, which isnít a big issue.Will be better if there is more than 1 optical input though it is not a big deal as you can increase the inputs using optical splitter. Overall it is a perfect addition to your Home Cinema system. Especially for the price.

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